A glimpse into the way I think and how I develop products.

Yard Waste Bag Holder

Commercial Practices is a studio class in which we develop a product to fit within a preexisting line from a chosen brand.

Ideas such as this don’t happen overnight. They are grown using a series of models and drawings to create truly unique products no one has ever seen before.

Pando Slax

Created for the fictional outdoor brand Pando, The Slax is a unique innovation on the otherwise unchanged tool from 6000 BC.

Traditional only in the sense that it sports a genuine hickory handle the Pando Slax is made of a full tang 3/8″ carbon steel frame. The integral one pound free moving weight in the head acts as a slide hammer to give each strike an extra umph.

Pando Halla

Another project to fill the shelves of the Pando PopUp Shop is the Halla. This product takes campsite storage to new heights.

The Pando Halla is designed to attach to a tree in order to hold your valuables off the ground. This unique asset works as a central hub for your camping needs.


Boja was created by myself along with a group of talented individuals as a furniture and lighting duo with a focus on materials and manufacturing techniques.

Flat pack furniture and lighting pair Boja is designed for students and young professionals on the move as an alternative to inexpensive disposable furniture.